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        October 31st , 2022
        Re: Renaming of Prince, Ferro and Prince companies to reflect Vibrantz branding
        Dear valued customer,
        It has been almost five months since we shared the exciting news that Prince, Ferro and Chromaflo became part of Vibrantz Technologies. We are pleased to announce that effective November 30, 2022, we are changing our legal entity names in North America to reflect the new Vibrantz brand.

        From a practice standpoint, these name changes should be seamless for you. Each of the companies will maintain their corporate structure and their same tax identification number (EIN) and each will continue to provide the same quality products and services you have come to expect.

        We have organized important information below to facilitate this transition. The following changes become effective November 30, 2022:

        Orders and transactions
        Going forward, your purchase orders (POs) and checks should be issued to the appropriate new Vibrantz name above. For example, if you have transacted with Prince Specialty Products LLC in the past, you will now issue POs and checks to reflect the new Vibrantz Specialty Products LLC name.

        Banking and payments
        Our invoices to you will also reflect the new names beginning November 30. We have attached an updated W-9 reflecting the new name. None of the companies’ EINs have changed.
        Other than changing the beneficiary names to the new names, our banking information remains the same.

        Product packaging
        To ensure we do not waste legacy packaging as we transition, you will may still receive products from us in legacy packaging.

        Deliveries and signage
        You will begin to see new signage at our facilities as we start using the Vibrantz name. We ask that you begin using the new Vibrantz names on mail and deliveries to help ensure we receive orders and mail without interruption or delay.

        Safety data sheets
        Generating new Vibrantz safety data sheets (SDSs) as part of this process will take some time. There may be situations where new Vibrantz labeling on a product will not match the SDS. This should not be cause

        for alarm and is expected as we transition. Should you have questions, please contact your customer service representative directly.
        Email addresses Also effective November 30, we will transition to @vibrantz.com email addresses. All email addresses will follow the following format: firstname.lastname@vibrantz.com. For example, if your contact was jsmith@princecorp.com, the email address will now be joe.smith@vibrantz.com. So that we do not miss any important emails, our legacy email addresses will redirect to these new email addresses going forward.
        Please share the news above with your teammates who will be affected by these changes. If you have any questions, please contact your local sales representative directly.
        We hope that all our customers experience our new name as reflective of who we are – energetic and bold – and what we do, which is innovating to bring color, performance and vibrancy to life. We look forward to continuing to serve you and thank you for your business.



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